Technical inspection

Roadworthiness of the vehicle participating in road traffic is checked by the technical inspection is the procedure that the legal entity for technical inspection determines the data about the vehicle, its systems, components, separate technical units and equipment, as well as fulfilling other requirements for them, in accordance with legal regulations and by laws. Technical inspection of vehicles is carried out in accordance with the provisions and regulations adopted on the basis of national laws and regulations and instructions of the manufacturer of the devices and equipment used in technical inspections.

for the purposes of roadworthiness of all vehicles and trailers and, at the same time, a prerequisite for vehicle registration. Periodic review is a detailed technical inspection of motor vehicles and trailers on their systems, components and separate technical units, equipment and prescribed requirements in terms
protection of the environment.
is made of certain vehicles covered by the legislation, which, because of the nature of exploitation, require frequent monitoring of prescribed systems, components, separate technical units, equipment and prescribed requirements in terms of environment.The six-month technical inspection of vehicles does not differ significantly from the review which is carried out at periodic technical inspection, but it gives more attention to the vital systems of the vehicle (braking device management, condition of the tires, the device for connecting the motor and trailer, etc. ).