Identification and assessment of the technical condition of the vehicle

'Identification' is a procedure used to determine the equivalence of the vehicle and its main technical data with the supporting documents and / or audit of the registry data of vehicles.
The procedure for identification of vehicles is carried out within the deadlines and vehicles set out in Article 24 of the vehicles. 'Evaluation of the technical condition of the vehicle' is a procedure in which visually checked integrity and ability to drive safely in traffic, or to secure work in carrying out agricultural and forestry works, as well as checking whether the vehicle was not disguised or repair in accordance with Article 19 of the vehicles.
Photocopy of previous vehicle's driving license with original insight
A photocopy of the certificate of conformity for EU approval of the vehicle (Certificate of conformity) with original insight
Copy of entry declaration and confirmation of payment of customs duties
Copy of purchase agreement or invoice